finding your “escape”


It has been sooooo long since I have been bloggin + I feel so out of wack because of it!!! This past week was full of preparation for recital; spray painting, hot glueing, and making dozens of bows for my sweet little baby dancers. Recital time always brings me back sweet memories of the time when I danced & i miss it more and more everyday.

For those who do not know me, from elementary to high school, dance consumed my life. If I was not at school you could find me in the studio dancing my little heart away.  I have to be honest with you, dance was something that took me awhile to pick up. Not every shuffle ball change + turns + and oh dear those toe touches….. came easy for me. However,  there was something about this sport that made me love it. Maybe it was the excitement of competition, the getting ready for a performance, or just being able to challenge myself…dance was my escape. 

I think we all need something to “escape” to. This world is full of chaos that we forget to find the joy that the Lord provides for us. While somedays we are consumed in the chaos, the Lord is thirsty for us to escape to him. Whether that be praying to Jesus, taking out the bible, or just to sit in his everlasting love…our everlasting father will always + forever be our great escape.

I am still sadden by the fact that my dance life has been over for about two years, but it has allowed me to realize that everyone needs something to escape to. Taking your mind off the worries in this world by doing something that brings you JOY is so healthy for the mind + spirit.

I am so glad that the Lord provided me this past year to teach my love of dance to some tiny lil dancers. Not only has this allowed me to hang out with the cutest kids, but it has allowed me to forget about my worries and spread JOY and POSITIVITY.

I encourage you to find “your escape” + in hopes that you would remind yourself to always dwell in the loving arms of our savior, because he wants to be your get-away from all your troubles.



a soul thirsty for rest.

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Today marks my 18th day of being out of school for the summer + I have noticed a huge change of pace in my daily life. For example, in the summer, you can find me laying out by the pool + watching How I met Your Mother. During the school year you can find me trying to catch my breath in all the chaos that I dig myself into.

Now, it is clear, that my school schedule and summer schedule are two polar opposites. However, surprisingly, I find myself loving the fact of being “busy”. I enjoy trying to get tasks done + feeling super productive…I like the feeling that I did not waste a day away.

While being on “the go” may feel like its healthy for my life, I am also hungry for rest. Being in a go-go state of mind I feel like I never stop, and my body just wants a day off. Even though on days were I do rest, I always question if I really should be doing something.


REST IS A GREAT THING + our bodies need it. Whether that be taking a 30 minute nap, watching Netflix, burning a candle, reading a book, etc., rest is a great thing. 

So while I lounge around my first lil month of summer, I constantly remind myself when I am in the state of boredom, that my body and mind appreciate the feeling of doing nothing.

So if you feel tired, go grab ya some magazines, burn a candle, and eat ya some macaroons. Rest is well deserved.


it’s a party it’s a party it’s a party

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This past weekend my funky little city threw the biggest block street party ever! Fayetteville is home of all things hip + this block party for sure showcased our style! Block street, a main street right off the square, was where the event took place. So many vendors were set up selling products. This event sort of reminded me of a farmer’s market…but MUCH bigger. I also am mind blown about how many people were there, I did not even think Fayetteville could have that many people it was that packed!!

While at the block party I discovered a new love…edible cookie dough. Yes, that’s right, cookie dough you CAN LEGIT eat. Apparently this is a new trend that is about to become so popular + I can say that it’s probably true. If you have been hesitant to try edible cookie dough, do not be, literally it’s so good!

I am forever thankful for this funky city of mine. Block Street party was a blast!!


oh what a happy year

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As many of you know, May, is a crazy month of many goodbyes. For me it is saying goodbye to the many friendships that have formed over this past year, saying goodbye to my favorite big green house on maple street, and saying goodbye to the most outstanding year of my life. Reflecting on my sophomore year of college I would not change it for the world, and I am happy to share this past year with you!

Let me flashback to my freshman year of college, the year of so much change. For many, freshman year is your time to “thrive”. As for me I found myself battling the case of who I wanted to be in college. To say the least, I wanted to still be “Raelyn” but I was afraid to be who the Lord wanted me to be.

Okay now that you have background lets go back to the very start of my sophomore year. Around the first week of August, I moved into the Tri Delta House, room 306, with one of the sweetest humans ever. My roommate, Caroline, taught me lots of things; to breathe when times get hard, and when to tell her to drink apple juice because her sugar is low! Across the hall from us was what I like to call, “the five girl room”, and I never would have thought of the amount of times I would walk in there daily. From movie screenings to random chit-chats, I know I have found my life long best friends.

The fall semester was full of fun!! We had our first function (the best one), Delta Airlines. I remember this function being so fun while I was wearing my 80’s workout attire. One of my favorite memories from the fall, was traveling to TCU to watch the hogs play the frogs in football. That nail-bitter, overtime, winning game was the most crazy thing that I have ever witnessed!! Around this time I also got the BEST little ever!!!! This semester also included many Halloween festivities, 18 Holes for Hope, dancing in the Step Show (and taking home 3rd place), frats at bat, and many other fun filled functions! To say the least the fall was such a happy time.

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Now skipping to December, I get the most life changing position ever. I was selected to be Tri Delta’s Philanthropy Chair for my chapter, and at this time had no idea of what the impact it would have on my life. Remember when I told you that freshman year I was struggling with being “Raelyn”, well let me tell ya, this position allowed me to find my true self.

Spring semester rolls around so fast, and flys by so fast. This semester was full of determination, a filled up calendar, and lots of smiles. The spring time was defiantly a challenge for me battling school, philanthropy, and fun social events. I had some REALLY fun events in February including, the Cupid Stupid function with my KKG friends, mom’s day weekend, and Shop for St.Jude (my first big event!). March quickly approaches and I that was the month of a fabulous trip to LA! (cough cough…read about that trip in my blog!). As well this was the month I got accepted into the College of Education at the University of Arkansas + finally got the feeling of becoming a teacher!! Then comes April, where I celebrated my birthday with my close friends, somehow put on a pancake breakfast, and slowly started to catch my breath for the end of the semester.

Now it’s may. The month I realized the amount of impact that this past year has had on my life. Becoming Philanthropy chair changed my heart and love for others. We had the chance to visit St.Jude about a week ago, and my life will never be the same. All of the hard work I have put into my position was all worth it because of what I saw in that hospital. Being able to live with all of my closest friends/sisters, and them accepting me for who I  really am, allowed me to grow and be the Raelyn, Rae-Rae, Rae I have wanted to be. Looking back on this past year I have seen a lot of growth. Growth in myself, my relationship with Christ, and the way I want to make a difference in this world.

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Sophomore year has been full of so many memories, and was by far the best year of my life. I would never ever change it + am so blessed with the many memories it has brought me. Let’s just say junior year has a lot to live up to!!!


Dear Big Green House on Maple Street.



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From bid day of 2015 to today I have never been so grateful for green walls and a house of girls that love me unconditionally. While yesterday a new journey of building a new house finally begins, I will never forget the delta shelta 1.0, and the fabulous memories it has brought to me. While it is bittersweet that we are tearing most of the house down, I am so excited for the many more memories that will be made in the new house for years to come.

I had the chance to live in the old house one last time this past year + the memories that were made will always be close to my heart. From late night talks with my sweet friends, to always barging into the 5 girl room, to watching our security guard tackle a clown, to the endless movies nights in 920 west maple, to always being scared where the Courtney H. cardboard cut-out was was placed, to the counter-purge group-me, and to the constant reminders of who’s laundry was done..these and many other memories will never be forgotten.

While we celebrate the upcoming new house, I would like to thank the big green house on maple street for the steadfast love it has brought me and the rest of my sisters. I will forever be grateful for this home away from home. Now let’s cherish these memories + celebrate the building of the new Delta Shelta 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this super fun video of one last fun mem in the delta shelta!

Tri Delta Lip Dub 



Formal 2017

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Hello, Friends!!

This past weekend, Tri Delta had our annual Stars & Crescent Formal + it was soooooooo much fun!!!! This years formal was a bit different in the fact that mother nature really did not want us to enjoy the weather. It straight up was raining cats and dogs, but no worries that did not stop us from having a BLAST.


bless rain jackets & umbrellas

For formal this year, my #girlsquad and I enjoy a fun girls night out! We traveled down to Bentonville and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food from Table Mesa. Fun girl talk + a bowl of guacamole made for a GREAT time.


We danced the night away at formal + had a BLAST doing it! From dancing to old school 90’s music…to today’s current jams…our dance moves killed the dance floor.


Well, formal 2017 was one for the books! Felt good to dress up & not be in a t-shirt for once!!