Season of Fresh Starts

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Today marks the first day of August and it is crazy to think that I head back to the hill this Sunday!! For many people, this month, is one of the busiest months of all. It is the start of a new school year, start of new classes, start of sorority recruitment, start of new adventures, start of new spaces, the start of a fresh new year. With many “new” things that come along within the year, it can always spark some anxieties + stress. However fresh starts can allow us to start our year off in a positive direction. I have compiled a list of ways you can start your season of fresh starts on the right foot!

  1. Take time for Yourself– yes, YOU do need time to be with just YOU. Life can get busy + overwhelming. It is important, especially during the school year, to make time to do things you enjoy for yourself. That maybe working out daily, watching Netflix (but limiting your time—hahaha), or even just going on a walk. I have learned when I get anxious and take time to do things my soul desires I calm down immediately from everything going on in my life
  2. Seek Jesus Daily– If I have learned anything about starting new school years, it is that seeking Jesus ALWAYS is the greatest blessing of all. When you walk with Jesus on your campus you can simply be a light of his saving grace to those around you.
  3. Stay Organized!– I love staying organized (for the most part). I am a BIG FAN of planners. Writing down all of your to-do’s can allow an ease of stress when you have a busy life! Also, once you begin your classes, begin getting organized immediately! I like to create different folders on my laptop for any digital files and then a separate binder for any hardcopies.
  4. Connect to those around you– It is important that you connect with friends, classmates, and family daily. People you love can always be a positive influence for your new year.
  5. Remember the WHY. – There is always a reason we are doing “something”. For example we do not just go to school to sit in a classroom and listen to a lecture, we go because there is a reason. I go to class because I want to be come a teacher in the future! It is important when we have no motivation to always remember the WHY!

Best wishes to everyone on the start of a new school year! May this be the best one yet!

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