St.Jude Celebration 2017

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This past weekend I had the privilege to attend the 2017 St.Jude Tri Delta Leadership Conference in Memphis, TN. The weekend was full of love, hope, joy, and so much passion. There is so much heart in Memphis…especially at St.Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

The weekend began with an evening of entertainment, sisterhood, and of course a yummy dinner! Tri Delta sister, Emree Franklin, kicked off the weekend with some fun music! She is so stinkin’ cute + talented so make sure and check her out on youtube! After entertainment, night one, concluded with table conversations with different girls from all over the USA and Canada. Discussion topics ranged from ideas of how to better fundraise to learning about other Tri Delta chapters nation-wide.

Day two was FULL of fun. We began the day bright + early at 8am with a breakfast buffet. After our bellies were oh so full, we had the opportunity to listen to St.Jude ALSAC  President and CEO, Richard Shadyac. Shadyac focused on discussing to us about igniting your passion for your life. He talked about life is more than just materialistic things, but it’s about how you will influence the world around you. I gained so much out of what he had to say because it is so true.

Shortly after the keynote speakers we all gathered around for an award ceremony. I was completely caught of guard when I received the 2016-2017 Philanthropy Chairman of the Year.


We continued the day getting to have the opportunity to listen from St.Jude patients and family. This was by far my favorite part of the weekend. Getting to hear each of their stories was so inspiring. All of the patients had normal lives until cancer took a toll on them. However, they were all still so joyful + grateful. As well we celebrated with each of them an almost cancer free life! They ended with a simple “thank you” and I balled my eyes out. These kids are walking miracles.

The rest of the day consisted of being on the St.Jude campus. I had the chance to tour the hospital again and learn from St.Jude staff on how to spread the mission of St.Jude. As well I got to spend the whole day with some of the sweetest girls from the SEC!


We finished the weekend eating some memphis bbq at Central BBQ (SOOOOO GOOD) and toured the Civil Rights Museum.  It was such a fun day!!!!

Before leaving memphis I of course had to stop by the cutest bakery. The Tuohy family from, The Blindside,  own a super cute cookie shop called, The Whimsey Cookie Co. Y’all it is so good!!!!

Leaving Memphis, I am reminded of how precious life is. There are kids fighting for their lives right now, yet they are still some of the most joyful people regardless of the pain they are enduring. St.Jude continues to strive to find cures for childhood cancer and they will not stop until no child dies from cancer.

St.Jude families do not have to pay for any treatment, housing, travel, food, etc., because all they need to worry about is helping their child live. I encourage you to check out this amazing hospital. There are many opportunities to donate to this great cause.

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