treat yo self…to an apple watch.

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happy sunday friends!! today I thought I would share with you all my most recent purchase, the Apple Watch. Now before I get into details, I thought it would be fun to do a “treat yo self” series, so be on the lookout for some more of these fun reads…but first I got to make some more cha-ching before I can treat my-self, again.  (hee hee)

I have to be  honest with you, I was so indecisive about buying the Apple Watch. I had done my research about this product, and found many positive feedbacks from it. I did have a few friends who said they never really used theirs, but I also had friends who said it was so worth the investment. After much research and a LOT of hesitation, I made the move to go buy one.

Note, I was first indecisive about buying one, but then the next decision came…what color?! I was torn between the rose gold and the white watch. I am such a fan of rose gold, however I started to persuade myself to buy the white. I new in the end that white would go with everything. Therefore, I just made myself go to Sam’s Club, and I then bought the Apple Watch Series 2 in white/silver.

It has been about a month since I purchased my watch, and let me tell ya it has been one of my best purchases ever. I love the fact that not only it can tell me what time it is, but it can also tell me how many calories I am burning, calculate my heart rate, direct me to the nearest sonic, and soooo much more.

The most use I get out of my Apple Watch is when I go to workout. Lately, I have been getting back into the groove of working out at Barre 3. What is really neat about using my watch is that I can press one simple button and when I am doing my workout it will tell me how many calories I am burning along with my heart rate…I mean how neat is that!

Another feature I find so amazing is the GPS navigation. As you can imagine the watch connects directly with your phone. I can put a location on my phone of where I am wanting to go + it directly syncs with my watch. The coolest thing though, is why I am driving my watch with vibrate before I am suppose to take a turn!! Wow, Apple out did themselves on that one!

The last feature that I find so neat, is the texting feature. I do not know about you, but I find myself in social settings always checking my phone. However, with the watch, I can directly get my texts on my watch without even checking my phone. It is the best when I am at dinner with friends and I can glance down at my watch to see if someone texted me + if I really need to text them back immediately.

In conclusion, I find the Apple Watch as a MUST HAVE. There are so many benefits to this product + everyone can find a way to use this in their everyday life. So if today you are looking for a way to treat yo self, than I suggest that you look into buying an Apple Watch!

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2 thoughts on “treat yo self…to an apple watch.

  1. CassieMorganM says:

    This is a great post. I like your writing style. Made me smile (: Great features. I didn’t know it did all that. This has been on my wish list along with a mac lol we’ll seeeee


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