finding your “escape”


It has been sooooo long since I have been bloggin + I feel so out of wack because of it!!! This past week was full of preparation for recital; spray painting, hot glueing, and making dozens of bows for my sweet little baby dancers. Recital time always brings me back sweet memories of the time when I danced & i miss it more and more everyday.

For those who do not know me, from elementary to high school, dance consumed my life. If I was not at school you could find me in the studio dancing my little heart away.  I have to be honest with you, dance was something that took me awhile to pick up. Not every shuffle ball change + turns + and oh dear those toe touches….. came easy for me. However,  there was something about this sport that made me love it. Maybe it was the excitement of competition, the getting ready for a performance, or just being able to challenge myself…dance was my escape. 

I think we all need something to “escape” to. This world is full of chaos that we forget to find the joy that the Lord provides for us. While somedays we are consumed in the chaos, the Lord is thirsty for us to escape to him. Whether that be praying to Jesus, taking out the bible, or just to sit in his everlasting love…our everlasting father will always + forever be our great escape.

I am still sadden by the fact that my dance life has been over for about two years, but it has allowed me to realize that everyone needs something to escape to. Taking your mind off the worries in this world by doing something that brings you JOY is so healthy for the mind + spirit.

I am so glad that the Lord provided me this past year to teach my love of dance to some tiny lil dancers. Not only has this allowed me to hang out with the cutest kids, but it has allowed me to forget about my worries and spread JOY and POSITIVITY.

I encourage you to find “your escape” + in hopes that you would remind yourself to always dwell in the loving arms of our savior, because he wants to be your get-away from all your troubles.



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