a soul thirsty for rest.

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Today marks my 18th day of being out of school for the summer + I have noticed a huge change of pace in my daily life. For example, in the summer, you can find me laying out by the pool + watching How I met Your Mother. During the school year you can find me trying to catch my breath in all the chaos that I dig myself into.

Now, it is clear, that my school schedule and summer schedule are two polar opposites. However, surprisingly, I find myself loving the fact of being “busy”. I enjoy trying to get tasks done + feeling super productive…I like the feeling that I did not waste a day away.

While being on “the go” may feel like its healthy for my life, I am also hungry for rest. Being in a go-go state of mind I feel like I never stop, and my body just wants a day off. Even though on days were I do rest, I always question if I really should be doing something.


REST IS A GREAT THING + our bodies need it. Whether that be taking a 30 minute nap, watching Netflix, burning a candle, reading a book, etc., rest is a great thing. 

So while I lounge around my first lil month of summer, I constantly remind myself when I am in the state of boredom, that my body and mind appreciate the feeling of doing nothing.

So if you feel tired, go grab ya some magazines, burn a candle, and eat ya some macaroons. Rest is well deserved.


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