Yay Yay Yay its finally summertime!!!!!!! I am a big fan of summer because it is a great big break from school. Last year however, I was boggled down in summer school classes + I am so glad to have a summer off from being in the books!

My summer has already started + it has consisted of smoothies, naps, and potato soup. I know weird combination right?! Well, this past Monday I had a minor mouth surgery, I had some crown lengthening done. Therefore, you could say my summer has started off by being a couch potato! However, I do not want to get into this trend of laying on the couch all summer, so I have come up with my lil summer bucket list of 2017! I think creating a bucket list for the summer is such a great idea so that when you’re trying to think of something to do you can just go back to your list!

So here we go with my summer bucket list of 2017!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.28.06 PM

  1. Go to the Drive In Movie
  2. Cook Smores + watch outdoor movie
  3. Learn to cook (lol moving into an apartment soon + this is a must!)
  4. Go to the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market
  5. See the sunrise at Artist Point
  6. Visit Sit & Spin Laundry Mat
  7. Go to the Lake House
  8. Cook homemade pizza
  9. bake!
  10. Take a day trip somewhere!
  11. craft! (magazine collages are a must!)
  12. go to the new Fayetteville summer hang out spot JBGB
  13. go to a concert at the AMP
  14. travel to Little Rock
  16. Shop (always a good idea)
  17. learn calligraphy!
  18. learn how to make macaroons
  19. take an art, flower making, or succulent making class (northwest Arkansas has some great craft making classes)
  20. Go to Bentonville for the Day

So there ya have it, my summer bucket list for this year! Now let’s see how much I actually get to do!


popsicle picture credits to studioDIY. Check her out!!

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