Dear Big Green House on Maple Street.



Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 3.49.09 PM

From bid day of 2015 to today I have never been so grateful for green walls and a house of girls that love me unconditionally. While yesterday a new journey of building a new house finally begins, I will never forget the delta shelta 1.0, and the fabulous memories it has brought to me. While it is bittersweet that we are tearing most of the house down, I am so excited for the many more memories that will be made in the new house for years to come.

I had the chance to live in the old house one last time this past year + the memories that were made will always be close to my heart. From late night talks with my sweet friends, to always barging into the 5 girl room, to watching our security guard tackle a clown, to the endless movies nights in 920 west maple, to always being scared where the Courtney H. cardboard cut-out was was placed, to the counter-purge group-me, and to the constant reminders of who’s laundry was done..these and many other memories will never be forgotten.

While we celebrate the upcoming new house, I would like to thank the big green house on maple street for the steadfast love it has brought me and the rest of my sisters. I will forever be grateful for this home away from home. Now let’s cherish these memories + celebrate the building of the new Delta Shelta 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this super fun video of one last fun mem in the delta shelta!

Tri Delta Lip Dub 



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