Formal 2017

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Hello, Friends!!

This past weekend, Tri Delta had our annual Stars & Crescent Formal + it was soooooooo much fun!!!! This years formal was a bit different in the fact that mother nature really did not want us to enjoy the weather. It straight up was raining cats and dogs, but no worries that did not stop us from having a BLAST.


bless rain jackets & umbrellas

For formal this year, my #girlsquad and I enjoy a fun girls night out! We traveled down to Bentonville and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food from Table Mesa. Fun girl talk + a bowl of guacamole made for a GREAT time.


We danced the night away at formal + had a BLAST doing it! From dancing to old school 90’s music…to today’s current jams…our dance moves killed the dance floor.


Well, formal 2017 was one for the books! Felt good to dress up & not be in a t-shirt for once!!


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