He Rose from the G R A V E.



Out of all 365 days in the year, today is probably on of my all time favorite days. Easter is not only a holiday full of eggs, bunnies, and white jeans (FINALLY)…it is a day to celebrate being saved + forgiven for my sins!!

The story of Christ’s death, in my opinion, is the most powerful story in the bible. We see this progression of Jesus’s life; being born of the virgin mary, being a carpenter, performing miracles, and then saving God’s people. As I reflect on this Easter Sunday, I think of the pain that Jesus endured while on that cross. Then I begin to think of what people thought when they saw that Jesus had arose from the grave! Then I begin to think that, the God who sent his son on the cross to die for ME, holds all things together. I see days that are not always bright. I loose my faith in Jesus at times, but today I am reminded that the God who makes miracles + who loves his people SOOO much would send his one and only son to die on the cross for ME…holds all things together.

Today we celebrate the God of miracles. The God who loves us. The savior who died for us. The everlasting life we can have in heaven, because of Jesus Christ.





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