how can it be?



Today was a day full of hope, sorrow, and gratefulness. Palm Sunday has always been a day that is full of emotions for me. Sitting in the church pews every year and hearing the story of what Jesus did for me, always leaves me in awe. How can it be that God would send his one and only son to die on the cross for ME? Because he LOVES us that much.

Hearing the imagery of Jesus being nailed to the cross, with a crown of thorns, and people mocking him makes my heart ache. Just the thought of the pain that Jesus endured reminds me I am so guilty of sin. But because of God’s gift of Jesus, I am not longer a slave of sin.  I am simply saved by grace.

As Easter week begins today, my prayer this week is to be reminded daily of the ultimate sacrifice that God sent to save us. As we remember the long seven days before Jesus ascends to be with his heavenly father, may we be reminded of the pain that allowed us to be given the gracious gift of eternal life. By his wounds, WE are healed.



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