Last day in LA LA Land


I was enjoying a fabulous last day in LA & now I am currently sitting in the Dallas airport realizing I forgot to blog about my last day in LA LA Land!!!! So here ya go friends…my fabulous last day in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

We started our day off by going on a Hollywood Bus Tour to see celebrities million dollar homes (or well the large gates of their homes)!!! We got to drive by properties of Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake (gahhhhhhh), Micheal Jackson, Johnny Depp, and many others!! It was really neat to see the reality in which these stars live. Our tour guide was so cool, she even shared with us sightings where many celebrities dine. Sadly, though, we had no luck seeing any celebs, but it was still neat to see where they live!!


After our bus tour, Kailey & I were asked to return to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to participate in a College Edition Game Show. We had no idea what we were participating in until the live show. The producers let us in VIP backstage to hang out & have yummy food. They handed Kailey & I Arkansas razorback sweatshirts because we were going to be representing the University of Arkansas. There were about 10 college kids, including us, completely confused in what sort of game show we were going to be playing! Once the show started, the producers lined all of us up outside on Hollywood BLVD, then gave each of us earphones so that we would not hear the questions being asked. The game being played was some sort of money trivia game, personally, I thought it was going to be about basketball because of march madness (I was way wrong). Because of being a live show, they only had time for three contestants and Kailey and I were the next two in line, but time got the best of us! Sadly, we did not actually make an appearance on the show, but we still got to feel like stars for a day, which was a win in itself!!! (also we got free merchandise which was awesome!)



Kay & I backstage in our AR sweatshirts + nametags!

After Jimmy, we walked over to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. TBH this was such a fun attraction!! The wax figures really seemed real!! Here are some of my favs.


well, that ends our fab last day in the city of stars!!! LA LA land has been great, now back to reality!!!! till next time LA.




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