so many shops…so many card swipes


Day two of L.A. was a fun filled day of endless shopping!!! From Melrose Avenue… to Beverley Hills Rodeo Drive…our wallets got a workout.

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coffee + talkie in LA

We started our day off right at the trendiest coffee shop (in my opinion) that L.A. has to offer. Carrera Café is so unique, in where you can pick out a graphic to be put on the top of your coffee!!! Literally, it was so cool, it was like a print machine for your vanilla latte.


Right outside of Carrera was an outstanding mural of one of the scenes from La La Land!! Being a La La Land fan this was for sure a fun piece of art.

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After coffee, we walked over to the Paul Smith famous Pink Wall. It was fun to have a photo shoot + pink is my favorite color so I was very happy.

After taking thousands of pictures we walked down Melrose and stumbled upon Duffy’s Cake Store (Ace of Cakes from Food Network). This store was so neat in that you could pick out a cake and decorate it like a professional! However, based on our schedule, we did not have time to make a cake but the atmosphere was so neat! Above are some professional cakes that had been made, that marble one is a #dreamcake.

We then continued along Melrose and came along a Farmer’s Market in the area. The market was full of giant strawberries, succulents, and so many cute dogs!!!!!!! Kind of reminded me of home sweet Fayetteville.

Dash was the next stop—-the famous store made by the Kardashians. To be honest I walked in feeling like a karDASHian + then walked out feeling like a normal human.

IMG_5952 2

For those of you who do not know me, I am a huge fan of cupcakes!!! Therefore, of course, I had to visit Georgetown Cupcakes!!!!! Every time I travel I always visit a cupcake shop. Something about this lil tradition of mine just makes every trip more special for me!


We then drove to Beverly Hills to get the full “celebrity lifestyle feel”. Let me just say this area of L.A. is full of money!!!!! I saw so many cars that I  never have seen in my life + probably never again (lol).


ended the day shopping on Rodeo Drive!!!! Such a beautiful day in sweet Beverly Hills!!!!!


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