#whystjude week

why st jude


Hello friends!!! It has been awhile since I have been able to blog because I have been hard at work on promoting the fabulous St.Jude Children’s Research Hosptial. These past couple days my sorority and I have been able to show the University of Arkansas the heartbeat behind our green walls. I have had a blast with this being our first ever #whystjude week, and I just wanted to share with you all the amount of fun and generosity that I have experienced the past three days.


Above are some pictures from Delta’s Candy Bar. We based this event off the iconic Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York and LA. We had TONS of candy and let students and professors fill up a bag full of candy for only $1.00! It was so fun getting to jam out to “I want Candy”, “Tootsie Roll”, and “Sugar” all day long! We were thrilled to have raised $267 for the sweet babies of St.Jude.


The next event of the week took place today. Based on the Dunkin Donuts chain, we made our very own Dunkin Delta Donuts for St.Jude. We had so many boxes of donuts and we sold each donut for $1.00. Minus the early morning rise and freezing temperatures, this by far was the most fun of the week. Trust me getting to dress up in a donut costume was priceless. At the end of the fundraiser we still had plenty of donuts left, and with the midterm week we handed out free donuts to students. All I can say is a smile can make your whole entire day.

Something I have learned from this entire week is how grateful I am to be surrounded not only by a sorority who wants to find a cure for children’s cancer but a university who wants to do the same. The amount of generosity that random students and teachers who would just donate their own money and not get anything in return just warmed my heart. It is such a positive effect to know that even in a broken world, there is good all around us.

#whystjude week is still in effect until the end of tomorrow. If you’re in the Fayetteville are there will be a percentage night at Zoe’s Kitchen all day tomorrow! If you’re not in the NWA area fill free to give online at the following link St.Jude Fundraising for University of Arkansas-Delta Iota

We will not stop until no child dies from cancer, and in hopes that they can be able to sing, “Our patients have the cutest s-m-i-l-es our patients have the sweetest h-e-a-r-ts oh we love to see you everyday but now’s the chance we get to say…pack up your bags get out the door you don’t need chemo anymore!”

Happy #whystjude week friends!!!


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