nobody has a momma like mine



So, this past weekend, Tri Delta had our annual momma’s day weekend. The weekend was full of smiles, laughs, shopping, and a whole lotta mother-daughter time!! Reflecting on this weekend I am reminded about how I am so loved by such an ahhhmazing mom, and I just thought I needed to brag on her…so meet my mama…aka the best mama ever!!

My mother’s name is Martha, and let me just say she is everything and anything that I aspire to be. I probably text my mom more than anyone else on my phone, whether that is begging her to buy me some new clothes or to cry about the world’s problems. My mom sets such a high example of how to show others love, to laugh at any chance you get, and when all else fails always smile.

Momma Martha is such a great example of Christ; serving others, being a listener, and loving unconditionally.

I am basically turning into a replica of my mom…and my heart could not be any happier. I only hope that I can make an influence on others, just like how she has made an impact on my life.

So cheers to the one who carried and has carried me through life. The one who is always down for some Mexican food. The one who laughs about the most random things. And to the one that I can always call a best friend and my mother.

Momma Martha, you are so so loved.


2 thoughts on “nobody has a momma like mine

  1. Lin says:

    Your momma is a special person! In college she was always the life of the party and the rock that people needed when life wasn’t a party.


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