happy happy weekend


Happy Happy weekend girly pops!!! This weekend was ahhhhmazing because it was 80 degrees and sunshine!!! and its February so #winning. Therefore, I had to take advantage of this weather.

I started off my Saturday by enjoying a home-cooked breakfast from my sweet mama. It is nice living so close to home for reasons such as this. I then, of course, had to watch the recorded Bachelor so I could be caught up on Monday! following that, I realized I needed to get out and enjoy the sun while it is here!

My old roommate & high school buddy, bailey, joined me for a day of fun! We enjoyed the weather by jamming out with the sunroof down & went to all of our favorite Fayetteville stores. We also, of course, had to go to happy hour at sonic!!! After we were having a “snack attack” and thought it would be fun to try Hill City Popcorn. YALL THIS PLACE IS GOLD. Literally, all types of popcorn your mind will explode. I got the Cookies & Cream popcorn and it is so good & addicting!!!

Ending an oh so perfect day, I enjoyed an “almost summer night” by making homemade pizzas with my friends!! it literally felt like a summer tease.

well happy weekend friends!! hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!!


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