soothin’ smoothie bowl

Hey Friends!!

So today I got the chance to COMPLETLY go out of my comfort zone and try this new trend called the “smoothie bowl”. Now for those who do not know me, I am the type of girl who likes her orange juice, coffee, and fruit loops in the morning. However, I told myself that this year I would try something new.

A group of my friends and I traveled to Native Nectar in Bentonville to get our smoothie bowl. They had four different types of options, but I decided to go with the PBJ bowl. This bowl had peanut butter, strawberries, and banana on the bottom. On the top (as you see in these pictures) is what I was hesitant about eating at first. The top was covered with chia seeds, flax seeds, granola, and coconut shavings. I mixed everything up, and let me say this was an ahhhhhhmazing concoction. I never would have thought I would ever eat something like this, but now I want to figure out how to make my own!

Thx Native Nectar for my first smoothie bowl experience, I will for sure be back again.



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