By H I S Wounds


Happy Happy Sunday Friends!!

whew! another week is complete & it is the best day of the week—SCRIPTURE SUNDAY!! I thought today I would share one of my all time favorite verses, Isaiah 53:5.

It reads, “By his wounds, we are healed”. Short and very powerful ya think?!

This verse reminds me of my foundation in my faith of Jesus Christ. I have talked about this before, but I was not made perfect what so ever! As much as I try to be “perfect” I never can be & never will be. We live in a world of sin, but Jesus DIED for me & for you so that we as unperfect people can be forgiven for those sins & live an eternal life.

You probably have heard this time & time again but I think it is a great reminder for all of us. When we mess up, have ourselves a pity party, and do not feel like we can make it through it, Jesus’s wounds HEALED us from all the negative pain. For that, we rejoice in our savior Jesus Christ!!!

Have a blessed Sunday y’all.


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