seasons of everything


 happy happy Wednesday people!! we are half-way through the week! whew!!

Today I thought I would share something that has been on my mind lately. Do you ever feel like you go through “seasons”? Seasons of joy, love, sorrow, guilt, shame, happiness, worry, laughter, fear, etc. For me the answer is clear. I go through seasons of life all the time.

For example one day I am on cloud nine. So much happy & joy, I can not contain myself. Then I go through other seasons of life; anxiety & confusion just to name a few. Lately, for me, it is a constant back & forth between all seasons. However, something I have learned & trusted is that God puts you in situations for the good of you. For me, I am always confused on what God is giving me, but in the end, I have learned that he has a much greater plan.

So here is my advice to any/everyone going through different vibes of life, have an attitude have happiness. Have this mindset all of the time, and you will feel so much happier about everything that life may throw at you. The world can throw battles at you and change your smile. But your smile can easily change the world.


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