make america UNITED again


Hey there friends!

As you all are aware today the 45th president of the United States of America was sworn into office. Whether you voted for Trump, Clinton, or tacos–hee hee, but really what if tacos ruled our country? #YUM. Anyways, my vote for this country is hope & love. There is such a great divide in the country because of so many different beliefs. My prayer for the next president is this…make america, the UNITED states again. Everyone comes from different backgrounds & that is what makes America so unique. Diversity in this country is so neat and it is amazing to meet different people.

I hope that we can all deal with the card that has been dealt. I hope we can move on & make a difference by accepting all people and love like the Lord loves every one of his people. I also pray for President Trump that he leads this country in a big way that we can not even imagine.

Let’s stop the hate & spread positivity. Let’s give Trump a chance & trust in God’s almighty plan!

Best wishes to the Trump Administration & let’s make america UNITED again.


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