another day another adventure

Hey Friends!!

happy happy wednesday friends!! I still have 6 days until I head back to the hill for college, so you know what that means—another day another adventure!!

Today, my friends and I, adventured north up to Bentonville!! We literally have done everything there is to do in fay, so it was time to have fun in another lil town.


We first had lunch at, The Pressroom, & yall it was so yummy!! I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich and cup of tomato soup, and of course their famous fries! I loved it and definitely recommend it.

After, we walked from the restaurant to 21c Hotel & Museum. This museum had a lot of modern artwork that was really fun to look at. It is a small museum but for sure worth a visit. Also, make sure to snap a picture in front of the “lips” they are so cool!!

After visiting 21c, we were still in the mood to find more art. We then drove around the corner to Crystal Bridges! I have been to this museum before, but it has been quite awhile! If you have never been to Crystal Bridges it is simply beautiful. The artwork there is really unique to look at, and it is free admission so it is a win-win! Below are some of my fav pictures from the visit!

Well there you have it, friends, that was my fun day of adventures!!


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