a life worthy of the Lord


Happy Sunday Friends!!

So have you ever felt that you just want to live a life where every day you want to put a smile on God’s face??? Oh, I know I do, but sometimes I feel like I try to do everything on my own to please God. Today at Church, we were studying a powerful verse out of Colossians (Colossians 1:9-14). They major key to this entire passage is how we as humans can not do anything without our heavenly father. Although we feel like we could do everything on our own, in reality, we can not. Paul writing, first starts with prayer. That with prayer we can have a stronger relationship with God, and by telling him our worries, he will then know our worries. Prayer is a life worthy of the Lord. As well this passage shares that we as followers need to live each day with a grateful heart. The Lord is always at work in our lives, whether we see it or we do not. He always has a plan fit for us, we just have to trust him & give him our grateful heart for all that he has done.  The apostle Paul wrote this prayer, in which we as believers in Christ can pray as well.

My prayer for 2017, is Colossians 1:9-14. I pray that this year I can live a Christ worthy life. That every day that I can be doing something for the Kingdom of God & can put a smile on God’s face.

I pray for you that you would examine this verse piece by piece and let it be a guidance for you this week.

God Bless & have a happy Sunday! #scripturesunday


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