Coffee + Talkie

Hey Friends!

So another week, and I am starting to get the vibes that I (surprisingly) am ready to head back to that college grind. I, personally, love breaks & all, but when you live in the same town as your college it starts to get a wee bit boring.

My bestie, Peyton, who is from Fayetteville, adventured out with me to one of our favorite coffee shops & then we visited a new one in the area. First, we went to the Fayetteville classic, Arsagas at the Depot. Arsagas has a variety of specialty coffees and AHHHmazing food. I ordered a Maple Street coffee (it is fab) with a Brewsenski. Honestly, anything from arsagas is good.

The following day, Peyton and I, wanted to go visited a new coffee shop in the area. The coffee shop is called, The Grounds. This shop is located off a garden shop so the environment is full of beautiful plants and yummy coffee. I have to say the atmosphere makes this coffee shop one of my favorites in the area. As well the smell is ahhhhmazing. I ordered a specialty coffee that had vanilla, honey, and milk. Best choice ever.

Hope your week is going great, and if not coffee can fix it I promise!




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