a season of J O Y

Merry Christmas Eve friends!!!

Well December 25th, the best day of the year, is finally almost here!!!! While the Christmas movies, music, & of course presents are what most of us think about during the holiday, may we all remember the true meaning of Christmas. Our savior has been born to save us from our sins!! Is that not the best news ever?!?! that the light of the world has been born to save ourselves from this dark world. Hallelujah! My family & I went to a Christmas Eve service earlier today. The message was a spin-off of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.  He mainly focused on the subject of “miss-fit toys”. Long story short, we are considered, “miss-fits” in this world we live in. We were born as sinners, not perfect what-so-ever, but the Lord LOVES misfits!!!!! We are so blessed to be so loved although we are so not perfect. We celebrate this Christmas because the greatest gift of all time has been born into the world, the savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

In a world of darkness, born is Jesus Christ, the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

May your Christmas be merry & bright. God bless.



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