Cheers to a Happy Semester!


Hello friends!!

This week wraps up, by far, the best semester of college yet! From the new friendships that have been formed, to learning so much about myself, #blessed is an understatement.

August, I had the chance to move into my sorority house, Delta Delta Delta. Let me tell you, its has been the time of my life!!! I have gotten to room with one of the sweetest girls that tri delt has to offer. Carol u da best. As well being in a house surrounded by so much love has been such a blessing.

September, what a FUN month! I got to travel with four awesome sisters to Ft.Worth, Texas to cheer on the razorbacks & how much fun that game was. Celebrating a hog win against TCU was such a time to be alive people!

October started off with rockin out to one of my favorite bands, The Lumineers! Getting to hang out with two of my high school besties & sing to the top of our lungs was oh so great. A couple days later, I got the best LIL sis ever!! Surprising sweet Anna & getting to spoil her was fab. Ending the month, I dressed up like a minion & KISS, so as you can imagine I was v happy.

November, of course, was a month of thanks. This month I reflected on how #blessed I am for everything that I have. May sound cliche, but I am beyond thankful for; my relationship with Christ, my fam bam, my friends, coffee, & of course Beyoncé! This month was full (literally) of fun & of course full bellies!

December, my favorite month of all, is still in play. So far this month has been a month of celebration. I am so happy to celebrate to serve as Director of Philanthropy for my chapter. This has given me a way to spread positivity to people in my chapter, community, and the sweet kids of St.Jude. As well I get to celebrate passing all my core praxis exam test! yay yay! Ending with the best celebration of all, the birth of our savior. A celebration that is the reason for the season.

This semester has taught me so much, but the most important lesson I have learned is to be happy with everything. You will have your good and bad days, but smiling at any chance you get, can make any situation good. so cheers to you, sophomore fall semester, you have by far been the best yet!



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